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About Us

Yea Community House is a local organisation that provides social, educational and recreational activities for the community in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Bringing the community together in learning activities via a relaxed and fun environment is the principal goal. Newcomers and old hands are encouraged to try out the short courses on offer.

Activities are generally run at a low cost or at no charge to participants. Activities include music, gardening, craft, cooking, exercise, health and wellbeing and more. Interesting activities are often offered in partnership with other organisations.

Yea Community House is funded for approximately 20 staff hours but relies heavily upon volunteers to become a part of a committee of management and to assist with fundraising, to offer activities or simply just to participate in activities.

Yea Community House has been the heart of the community for many years. After several location changes the house has now been given a fresh new make-over at its current position on the eastern side of the Yea Library.​

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can change the world.

Howard Zinn

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