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Pioneer Reserve

The Pioneer Reserve is now managed by Yea Community House. The following programs are currently operating out of the Pioneer Reserve:

Yea Playgroup

The Yea Playgroup is a lovely place for local Mums, Dads, Grandparents and carers to bring their children for a fun morning of games and activities.

Playgroup runs at 11:30am each Tuesday of the school term.

Cost: $3 per child

UFO's (Unfinished objects) Craft Group

Enjoy some company with other adults and relax whilst you work on your PHD (Projects half done).

Bring your own colouring, knitting, painting, sewing, scrapbooking and more!

UFO's meet at 12noon-3pm each Wednesday of the school term. 

Cost: $3pp

Power Pals Strength Training - Live Longer, Live Stronger 

Facilitated program for older people aimed at increasing bone density and muscle strength through the use of hand and leg weights, along with muscle stretching exercises.

Power Pals is offered 4 times a week. Tuesday 8am and 9am, Thursday 8am and 9am.

Cost: $3 pp

Martial Arts

Become the leader of the pack with unshakable self-confidence, razor-sharp focus, inspiring self discipline, and awesome skills!

Martial Arts classes run from 6-7pm, each Monday of the school term. 

2 Free trial lessons.

Yea Scouts

Yea Scouts meet every Thursday of the school term, at 7pm. Contact Andrew for more details 0428 972 748

Yea Table Tennis

A social hit of table tennis every Wednesday of the school term. All ages welcome, parent/guardian must stay onsite with minors.

Cost: $4pp  

KELRIG- ‘Kindness, Empathy, Learning, Respect, Inclusion, Growth

* Community based support group for MEN- with Rod

Community based support group for MEN with Rod

A safe environment for MEN to discuss various matters, get things off your chest, feel happier, make friends and get advice from others.

This group meets at the Pioneer Reserve weekly but moves to Yea Community House Lounge over winter. 

Tuesdays (School term) 7-9pm

Cost: $3

DANCE4FUN- with Daisy 

Children's dance classes with Daisy- every Wednesday of the School Term.

Our Mission

Join the Community House!

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